Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass

If you are staying in Hiroshima for a few days, there’s a very useful pass to purchase even if you have a Japan Rail Pass. This ‘Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass’ covers streetcar (tram), sightseeing loop bus and other buses, ferries to Miyajima and highway buses from the Bus Center as much as you like during the valid dates.
The pass will allow you to access not only the center of Hiroshima or Miyajima but Iwakuni and western and northern Hiroshima.
For example, the round trip to Sandankyo , where beautiful gorge is located, costs \2,960 but the pass for Middle Area costs \2,500 and it’s valid for 3 days. That means, After going to Sandankyo on the first day, you can use the same pass to go to Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima next day and Miyoshi Winery, the rabbit island or another place on the third day. Unfortunately, the ferry to the rabbit island is not covered though.
But the good thing is, the pass comes with a coupon book to get some discounts from various places such as museums, restaurants and other facilities. You can find okeikoJapan in the book as well!
I must say this pass is tremendously useful!

Area Price (incl. tax) Validity Accessible Area
Small ¥1,500 2 days Hiroshima City, Miyajima
Middle ¥2,500 3 days Western and Northern Hiroshima, Iwakuni
Wide ¥3,500 3 days Hiroshima prefecture, Iwakuni
Small with Airport Limousine Bus ¥4,500 4 days Small Area , Kure, Hiroshima Airport
Wide with Airport Limousine Bus ¥6,500 4 days Wide Area , Hiroshima Airport

※ Middle Area = Small Area + Iwakuni, Akiota, Kitahiroshima, Higashi Hiroshima, Takehara, Kure, Kumano, Kamagari, Miyoshi, Shobara, Tojyo
※ Wide Area = Middle Area + Sera, Fuchu, Onomichi, Innoshima, Fukuyama
※ The Rabbit Island is in Takehara.

Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass Now on sale(訪日外国人観光客周遊乗車券の販売について) | 公益社団法人広島県バス協会