What is “Kiezu no hi” (Fire that never goes out)

Miyajima is said to be a power spot itself, and also there many power spots in the island.
One of them is “Eternal Flame”.

“Eternal Flame” is in the building called “Reikado” on the top of Mt. Misen.
It is said that the fire has been burning for 1200 years. People believe that one of the famous monks called Kukai burned this fire for his training here and it has been burning until now.

There is a big iron pot in Reikado and you can see the fire burning under the pot. You can drink the water boiled with the eternal flame. This boiled water is called “Reisui” and it is said that Reisui bring you the good health and fortune.

Eternal flame is band with eternal passion between couple, and it is said to bring you good relationship with your partner.