Temple and Shrine Tour in Miyajima

Itukushima Shrine is the icon of Miyajima BUT Miyajima is not only about Itukushima Shrine.
Miyajima is famous for Itukushima Shrine. Vermilion building in the ocean is surely beautiful. However, you will miss a lot if you came here just for Itukushima Shrine. In the island, there are many historical temples and shrines are waiting for you. Why don’t you visit other temples and shrines since you are here?

Let us start with neighborhood of Itukushima Shrine.
Introduce you to the temples and shrine easy to go.

■Toyokuni Shrine and Five-story Pagota

About 3 minutes walk from the entrance of Itukushima Shrine, there is Toyokuni shrine on a hill. This shrine is the biggest structure in the island. It got the name Senjyo-kaku because it seems to fit 1000 Tatami mat (190cmx90cm/tatami). Sen means 1000 in Japanese.

Senjyo-kaku is ordered by one of the most famous Samurai lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1587. But is was susupended by the sudden death of Hideyoshi and it is left incomplete since then. The view from the hill and the size of the building is worth trying.

Next to Senjyo-kaku, there is beautiful vermilion 5 story pagoda . It is built 600 years ago. During spring, you can see it with breath taking cherry blossom.
Senjyo-kaku and Five Story pagoda kept it status as a gathering place for the people for some hundred years. So please visit them.

facility name :Houkoku or Toyokuni Shrine  Five Story Pagoda
Address:Miyajima- cho, Hatukaichi city, Hiroshima
Hours:8:30 am ~ 4 pm (open everyday)
Admission Fee: 16 years old and up 100 yen 7 to 15 years old 50 yen
religious information:Shinto
HP:http://www.miyajima.or.jp/sightseeing/ss_goju.html (Miyajima Tourist Association website)


You can see Daiganji right outside of the exit of Itukushima Shrine.
Daiganji is rebuild about 800 years ago and it has deep relationship with Itukushima Shrine.
Daiganji worship “Itukushima Ben Zai Ten”  It will bring you good luck with money and art. Let’s visit here along with Itukushima Shrine.
Facility name:Kikyo zan Houkou in Daiganji
Address:Kita-Ohnishimachi 3, Hatukaichi city Hiroshima
Open Hours:8:30 am ~5:00 pm (New year’s day midnight to 6 pm)
day: open everyday
Addmission Fee:none
Religious information: Buddhism
HP:http://www.miyajima.or.jp/sightseeing/ss_daiganji.html (Miyajima Tourism Association website)

■Kiyomori Shrine

Walk out from Daigan-ji and go ahead along the coast, there is a small shrine. That is Kiyomori Shrine. It Worship Taira Kiyomori who built Itukushima Shrine. It is new shrine which was built 1954, but it is beautiful shrine surrounded by ocean and pine wood.

The path to Kiyomori Shrine, stone lantern is lining up and you can see Torii gate, Itukushima Shrine and Senjyou-kaku/ Five Story Pagoda behind it. Enjoy peaceful view different from touristy area.

Facility name :Kiyomori Shrine (Jinja)
Address: Nishi ohnishi-cho 28-1, Miyajima-cho, Hatukaichi city, Hiroshima
Open Hours:not specified
Open date : open everyday
admission Fee:none
Religious information:Shinto
HP:http://www.miyajima.or.jp/sightseeing/ss_goju.html (Miyajima Tourist Association website)

■Daisho-In and Mt. Misen

Turn right from the exit of Itukushima Shrine, and go straight to the hill, you will see Daisho-in Temple. It is said to be the oldest temple in the island that has history of 1200 years. Inside the temple, there is different gods and goddesses are worshiped in different building. Each god and goddess has each special fortune. Enjoy the different atmosphere of temple architecture.

When you hike up the Mt Misen, you can see “Kiezu no Hi(Sacred Fire of Oath)” in the Reika-Dou, and Misen Hondou which is worshiped by various Japanese great men.
Go and see the great view of Setouchi Island sea.

Facility name:Miyajima Misen Daihonnzann Daisho-in
Address: nishi oonishi-cho 28-1, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukiaichi-city, Hiroshima
Ope Hours:8:00 am~ 5 pm(1st day of the month 5:30 am to 5pm New year’s day 0:00~)
close day:open everyday
admission Fee:none
religious information:Buddhism
TEL:main office 0829-44-0111 / Mt Misen 0829-44-2071


About 5 minutes walk from the Miyajima Ferry Port, there is Tokuju-ji temple in the residential area of the island. The temple is famous for pregnancy. They are even offering Japanese Cultural Activities with kimono!
Enjoy Japanese Culture in the old temple!
Facility Name:Tokuju-ji
address :Miyajima cho 741-1, Hatsukaichi city Hiroshima
Open Hours: 10:00 am~ 4:00 Pm
HP: https://okeiko-japan.com/ja

Experience the history in Miyajima

Miyajima is known as religious island for a long time that there are lots of temples and shrines you can visit. Explore the island and enjoy every bit of Miyajima.