Went to okeiko Japan Miyajima to experience Japanese Culture

Time: 60min – 120min
Price: 5,000yen〜 / person
Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.
Access: Walk 5min from Miyajima ferry terminal
Website: (English)

Went to okeiko-Japan Miyajima where you can experience Japanese Culture.


This facility is very well rated in TripAdvisor and the review are super!

Tripadvisor reviews

It was located a little of from the main street to the Itukushima Shrine.

Pass trough the gate, you can see the beautiful Japanese garden

Go trough the entrance

We talk a little with Staff in reception area.

This Facility has opened Aprii, 2017. You can experience Japanese culture while you wear a kimono.

Many Japanese enjoy the activities, bur more foreign guests are here since okeiko Japan can provide the lessons in English.

They recommend the set of activities. Tea ceremony, Calligraphy and cooking class set will take 120 min. including kimono wearing, the set of 3 activities cost 7000yen per person.
Another one is the set of 2 activities and it include kimono wearing, tea ceremony and calligraphy. It takes about 90 min and costs 5000yen

If we have an opening, you can do as a walk in, but it could be full, so it is recommended to make booking before you go.

okeikoJapan is popular site in TripAdvisor that is ranked 5th in Japan.

When you see the instgram of okeikoJapan, they had a lot of happy guests shots!

If you are going to Miyajima, it is recommended to make a booking before you go.

okeikoJapan Miyajima