The story about “kinnseki jizo bosatu”

“Kinnseki jizo bosatsu” is a golden guardian deity of children. It has a story.

There is Tokujuji temple, about 5minutes walk from Miyajima island pier.
It’s the Soto Sect temple.
It has a beautiful parapet and maples.
This temple is famous for the Jizo which blessed with children.

On the holidays, we will see the couples visiting this god and pray for the child.
Also one who got child come to thank to the god.
This Jizo is a small Bodhisattva with gentle smile.

Here is a story about Jizo.
There was a couple having no child in the Miyajima island about 300years ago.
They had been praying to god for a child.
They had the same dream at the same time.
When they found shining light and prayed to it, a Bodhisattva appeared and said “I give you a child”
They found a Jizo in this bamboo forest.
This couple were given a boy baby.
He grew up healthy and became a Sumo wrestler.
They set up that Jizo in the small house.
More and more people come to worship this Jizo.
More he was worshipped, more it shined.

For these 300 years Jizo Bosatu has been the help for those pray for a baby.
The kinseki jizo bosatsu is still smiling gently.