Let’s try tea ceremony!

Let’s make matcha tea by yourself and enjoy the taste.

You may say “I think Tea ceremony is difficult. So I will never made Matcha tea”
But simple tea ceremony procedure is not difficult.
I recommend making tea without constraint.

Only things that you need to make Matcha powder and a bamboo whisk. (the left of photo)
And you need a tea bowl, a teaspoon, a small container for tea powder.
If you use a tray, it is more like Tea Ceremony .
Put your tea bowl that the most beautiful side facing you.

1. First pour hot water to the tea bowl and warm the cup.
Empty the tea bowl and wipe it.
Then scoop 1 1/2 to 2 spoon of tea powder and put it into tea bowl.

2. Pour hot water about 70~80cc. Good enough for 3 and half sips to finish.

3. Hold the bamboo whisk and support it with the other hand.
And move the whisk back and forth quickly.
About 10 seconds you can make fine foam.
Finally make one circle and pull it out.

4. Let’s try your tea.
Take the tea bowl with your right hand and put it on your left palm.
Then bow slightly to show thanks.

5. Turn the tea bowl clockwise twice (one forth twice) not to drink from the front.
Please taste your own tea.
How was it?
After drinking, turn the tea bowl counterclockwise twice and return the face of the tea bowl in front of you again.

Have some sweets before drinking tea. It will make your tea taste much better.
If you invite someone for the tea, turn the tea bowl twice and put it in front of him/her so that the front of the tea bowl will face him/her.
We respect each other in a tearoom.