Which side should you choose when you arrived at Miyajimaguchi station.

You will see two streets on right side and left side to the pier. Which side should you choose?

If you have decided to get on JR ferry, you have to take the right side. But if you have not decided yet, you must the thinking “Which side should I go?”. Let me introduce some shops on the both side for you.

On the right street

First you can see 7-ELEVEN. If you want some drink, please go ahead. They have souvenir too. You might want to drop by when you leave.

After going through the underpass you see “Ueno”. This shop is very famous for “Anago rice Bento”. Anago is an eel.
You may notice that by good smell. On the holidays, you will notice the huge line of people. You can take out a lunch box.
A regular size Bento is 2160yen. It’s a little expensive. But you must be satisfied with that!

Next shop sells potteries named “Osunayaki”. Lots of them have maple leaf pattern. You don’t want to carry them while you do the sight seeing, so I will recommend to buy them on the way home.

On the left street

After going through the underpass, you will find people having ‘Okonomiyaki’. This restaurant is “Hanako”. If you are hungry, how about some “Okonomiyaki”?

Backside of the beautiful garden there is an elegant cafe. You can have some special sweets while looking outside from the second floor.

There is 7-ELEVEN on the left street, too. This shop is bigger than the other one. So they have more goods, “Onigiri” raincoat and so on.

You can arrive at the pier for the same time. But the shops are different. So choose one street depending on your purpose. We recommend to change the street on your way to and from the Miyajima Island.