Beautiful Plants in Tokujuji Temple.

Flowers and Trees in all Seasons

You can see lots of beautiful plants in all seasons at Tokujuji temple in Miyajima. It an old temple of the Soto Sect of Buddhism. As people enter through a small gate, they will be surprised to see the garden. I introduce some of those plants.

Spring to Summer


A rhododendron blooms by the small house for some stone statues. It a short tree, but it’s in bud on April and blooms for 2weeks. Flower of Rhododendron has variation from white to red, but this tree has pink flowers.


One of the most beautiful plant in this garden is the moss. Especially during the rainy June, moss is fresh and lively. There are several kinds of moss. The one in the picture is “Sugigoke”.

Maple Tree

Miyajima is famous for the maple trees. There are some tall trees in this garden. You can see lot’s of beautiful leaves from May to August. The play of sunlight through the trees are amazing!

Summer to Autumn

Crepe Myrtle

It’s very tall tree. You almost miss this tree. But you might notice many pink petals on the ground and look up, then you will see them. This tree blooms for a long time, about 100days.

Bush Orchid

In autumn this flower begins to bloom. Our gardener planted some small plants here and there. Spotted leaves are wonderful too. Why don’t you look for it.

Winter to Spring


The garden is getting lonelier during winter. But camellias make it bright. There are a lot of different kind of Camellias these days, but everyone agreed of the most simple style of Camellias are buatiful.

Tokujuji temple’s garden is not wide. But it’s a great one that we can enjoy all year around. I recommend you to visit here!