Went to Daishoin Temple

Daisyou-in Temple
Time required: 30~60 minutes
Access; 10 min. walk from the exit of Itukushima Shrine
Fee; None
Open Hours:8:00PM~5:ooPM

The entrance of Daisyo-in Temple. Have to climb up the stairs

The statue of Buddha in the middle of the stairs

Made it!

They have Reika-dou (unceased fire) in the peak of Mt. Misen that monks climbed up everyday.

At Daisyou-in, they have many kinds of amulets, fortunes and some snacks that you can buy

Mani-guruma is the cylinder that are in the middle of the handle, more you turns, more you gain virtue.  Daisyou-in has bond with Tibetan Buddhism

This building has osunafummi, means if you go through the building you are considered that you went all the temples

Inside is like this