Where is the cable car station? How I can get the ticket?

How to get to the cable car station from Miyajima ferry port

Miyajima Ropeway(cable car) connect near peak of the Mt. Misen and Momijidani park. The station is about 30 minutes walk from the ferry port. You can take free bus departing from the back of Itukushima shrine, running about every 20 minutes. From the Momijidani station to Shishi-iwa station (near the peak), is about 20 minutes. Both Momijidani station and Shishi-iwa station are equipped with washlet toilets and vending machines.

1.Start from Miyajima Ferry Port

Go to right from the port.

2.Coast street to Omote Sando Shotengai (shopping street)

Just follow the street.

You can go to shopping area if you turn left.

3 Go through the stone Torii following the street.

You can see Otorii in the sea (under repair right now) then Itukushima shrine.

You can see otorii in the sea (under repair)

Itukushima shrine in the sea direction

4.Do not go to shrine gate but follow the road. You will see the sign to the station.

※If you get lost, better to follow the sign.

Entrance of Itukushima shrine

The guide board to the cable car station.

Miyajima ropeway(cable car) entrance gate.

5.When you go in the shrine, go left after the exit. You will see the gate saying Mimiji-dani and ropeway

The exit of Itukushima shine

Turn left as the sign said.

Momiji-dani and cable car entrance

6.Turn right at the fire station and turn again to left. You will be at the entrance of Momijidani park

You can buy the ticket at the souvenir shops

Turn right at fire station

Follow the arrow of the sign board

Cable car ticket stand in souvenir shop

Cable car ticket stand in souvenir shop

7. Go in to Momijidani park and you will find rope way station (momijidani -eki)

10 minutes walk from the entrance of Momijidani park

Momijidani station (Cable car ride)

Take free bus

There is free bus from the entrance of Momijidani park to the cable car station, Momijidani- eki running every 20 minutes. It will take about 10~15 minutes on foot, about 3 minutes by bus. The bus is not running all the time. So check the time schedule.

Just 3 minutes bus ride from the Entrance of Momijidani station.

Where to buy the ticket

Miyajima cable car has 3 major ticket spots.
1.Miyajimaguchi: Matsudai Kisen ticket booth.
2. On Miyajima island: The souvenir shop close to [Momijidani park entrance]bus stop
3.On Miyajima island: Miyajima Cable car station [momijidani station] ticket counter.

Ticket booth of Matsudai Kisen in Miyajimaguchi. img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1108″ src=”https://japanfan-guide.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/138-21.jpg” alt=”” width=”619″ height=”825″ />

Cable car ticket booth in souvenir shop.

Cable car ticket booth in souvenir shop

Cable car ticket booth in Momijidani station

The cheapest way to come to Miyajima and get on the cable car is to buy 1-day pass of Hiroden tram. Just show the pass and you can get on the ferry.(75 minutes from JR Hiroshima station to the island )
Hiroshima Dentetu offer one day pass for tram and ferry together. Just show the pass and they will let you ride on the Matsudai ferry to Miyajima .(price 840JPY/day/adult)
still need to by cable car ticket, but it will deduct to 1350JPY from 1800JPY. (450JPY cheap)

●Where to buy Hiroden 1 day tram and ferry ticket
Tram staff (Driver and conductor), tram information booth in Hiroshima station, major hotel in Hiroshima city.
●Cable car ticket booth where you can get discount
Matudai Ferry [Miyajima-guchi Counter] 、Momijidani station ticket counter

Matsudai Ferry ticket counter in Miyajimag-guchi

Cable car ticket counter in Momijidani stattion

Recommended to the people who want to go to Miyajima-guchi fast with JR, but want Cable car discounts as well. (From Hiroshima station to Miyajima-guchi takes about 35 mimutes)
1.Miyajima-Misen enjoy ticket 1880 yen/adult (360 yen discount)
→include round ticket for ferry and round ticket for cable car
2.Miyajima-Misen Active ticket 1000 yen/adult(360 yen discount)
→include round ticket for ferry and one way ticket for cable car
3.Pair Toku ticket 3600 yen/2 adult(720 yen discount)
→include round ticket for ferry and round ticket for cable car for 2 adults

●The ticket counter for the tickets of ferry and cable car

Matudai Kisen “Miyajima-guchi counter” open hours 8:30 am to 3 pm. valid for 2 days including purchased date
Matudai Kisen ticket counter in Miyajima-guchi

Ticket booth within Miyajima island
●ticket booth of souvenir shops close to free bus stop to “Momiji Dani Park Entrance”
●ticket booth of the cable car station “Momiji-dani “station

Cable car ticket booth of souvenir shop

Cable car ticket booth of souvenir shop

Cable car ticket booth of “Momiji-dani station”

During high seasson, in front of “Momiji-dani station” staff might handing out the numbered ticket to whom already got the ticket, so it might be better for you to buy the ticket in advanced. During holidays in Golden Week (April 29 to May 5th) and fall leaves season will be the highest peak. In Miyajima/ Momiji-dani, leaves started to color around November 10th and 20th will be the best time.

Reservation online

Only the high season, they will take reservation 3 month before the season. And you can book through website. It doesn’t mean that you cannot ride without reservation, but in order to reduce your waiting time, they are recommending to make reservation.

Register the date and number of the passenger and just buy the tickets. You will get notice 1 hour prior to the booking time. Check the website of “Miyajima Cable Car” about when is clouded.

Guide to how to get the ticket online

Open Hours

March to October 9 am to 5 pm →The last down line is 5:30 pm.
November 8 am to 5 pm →帰りの最終便は17:30です。The last down line is 5:30 pm.
December to February 9:00 am to 4:30 pm→The last down line is 5 pm.
During Golden week and Obon(August 13th to 15th ) 8:30 am to 5:30 pm→The last down line is 6 pm
New year day 5:00 am to 4:30 pm→ The last down line is 5 pm

If you miss the last cable car, you have to walk down with your foot, so be aware of it.

There is no regular holiday, but it could be cancelled due to bad weather, wind, thunder, maintenance and inspection. Check it at the ticket counter.