Let’s feel the wind on the wide floor of “Senjoukaku” in Miyajima island.

At the huge building “Senjoukaku” you can feel it’s size and view.

There is a big building with very wide floor in Miyajima island. The name is “Senjoukaku”. It’s on the way to “Itsukusima shurine. If you walk to the five-storied pagoda, you can find that big building. There are flight of steps in all directions, go up stairs.

As soon as you go up stairs, you will see a huge wooden architecture. Big columns and innumerable floor boards! Let’s enter the building. (take your shoes off)

The great shogun “Toyotomi Hideyoshi” ordered to build this architecture in 1587. But he died, the construction was stopped. For that reason there are no doors, no walls nor windows. So you can look out view of all directions.

You can look down at the roofs of “Itsukusima shrine”

And you can look up the Mt. “Misen”. The tree on the right is ginkgo. The leaves turn in auturm and the floor projects yellow leaves.

Would you like to hold the parapets and look out the view feeling the wind? I recommend lying down on the floor spread yourself.

Notice: This facility opens 8:30~16:30. If you were late, the gates were shut like this. You have to peek from the gate.