Reccomended day trip tour from Osaka to Miyajima and Ranking!

Miyajima is day trip distance from Osaka. Let’s go and see floating Torii gate and the World Cultural Heritage site Shrine.

Osaka to Hiroshima

Shin-Osaka station to Hiroshima starion

Hiroshima station to Miyajimaguchi starion

Miuytajimaguchi to Miyajima

1. Greate Torii gate

Very famous floating Torii gate. In high tide, you can see the most beautiful scenery and in low tide you can walk to Torii and see it close.

2. Itukushima Shrine

The shrine is designated as the World Heritage Sight.

3. Japanese Cultural Experience

Miyajima has popular Japanese Culture experience facility. In one stop, you can wear kimono and experience tea ceremony, calligraphy and cooking. They will take pictures while you take the lessons.

4. Food

Miyajima’s speciality is Anago-Meshi(conger eel bowl) and Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki


Miyajima is famous for Anago-Meshi (conger eel on rice)


Hiroshima is famous for Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki

5. Sweets

Let’s buy some souvenirs and eat special sweet of Momiji-manjyu _(maple leaf shape pancake)